Thursday, June 13, 2013

Finger-Painted Photo Mats

I love using the kids' artwork as actual artwork in my home and office.  I also love having photos of them everywhere.  This project makes the best of both of these ideas and involves them too!

Supplies needed:
-one inexpensive black photo frame per child in the size of your choice
-one black and white photo of each child that is smaller than the frame you choose (so as to leave room for the mat)
-a white photo mat for each frame - either one that may come with the frame when you purchase it or, for an inexpensive option, cut a mat to the correct size from a piece of poster board
-finger paints (we used Crayloa brand but I know there are lots of great recipes for homemade ones out there if you're so inclined)

This kid portion of this project couldn't be simpler or more fun.  Just turn them loose with the white photo mats and the finger paints.

Older kids can finger paint their own name on the mat and you can add names for any little ones.  When the kids are done and the mats are dry, simply frame the photos as you normally would.

Of course you could choose to use color photos rather than black and white, but I think with all the colorful finger painting the b&w photos "pop" more.

Here is our finished product:

I love that there are colorful and unique, just like each of my kids!