Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cousins on the Snowmobile

Uncle Eric came over the give snowmobile rides on Wednesday night.  We haven't spent a ton of time on the new toy because it's been so cold out.  A fun time was had by all!

Happy Medium

I was opening a bag of goldfish crackers to serve the kids with their dinner of PB&J biscuits (hey, Jesse's gone, don't judge (but if you are going to judge I should just disclose right now that Bekah and Scott drank their milk out of disposable Miller Light cups because I was trying to minimize the amount of dirty dishes we were creating))

but anyway...back to the story.  I was opening the bag of goldfish and Alarik said, "I have some of those?"  I said he could and he said, "I have them all."  I said he couldn't have them all and he said, "Oh.  I'll have two then."  Ha, ha, ha.  I guess he had somewhere between two and the whole bag.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fire Hair

Alarik always wants "fire hair" when he gets out of the tub or in the morning.  We need to get some hair gel for the boy!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It was a dark and windy night...

...Bekah was practicing piano and the guys and I were all reading in the living room.  The phone rang. No one moved because we never answer our house phone because if it's not Grandma Linda, then it's a telemarketer. The answering machine picked up and we heard the automated voice of ISD #318's alert system. "Due to the continued extreme cold, no school tomorrow."  I grabbed my camera so I could capture these:

Scott's reaction as we listened to the message:

And Bekah's after she exclaimed, "SERIOUSLY????" in a really annoyed tone.  Apparently she's been looking forward to starting art class this semester and these last two days off have been quite the drag in that sense.  However she did manage to have an excellent time at daycare and you can't beat wearing nothing but PJs for two days straight!

Today is the fifth day the kids have had off this winter already.  I can't remember how many days they "build in" before we have to start making them up in June.  That won't be fun.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Alarik: 2 years, 8 months

 Alarik has a few favorite sayings right now.  They are:
"Tushie butt"  ~  "Tootie cat"  ~  "Stephie is my auntie!"

We've started banning tushie butt and tootie cat.  Scott wondered why since they aren't bad words.  No, they are not.  But boy are we sick of hearing them!

What else is Alarik up to lately?
Wearing sunglasses around the house.  

Nicely informing you that something is "both of ours" if you say it isn't his. 

Pronouncing the word different "dishent" - as in, "I want something 'dishent' to eat"

Singing "Old McDonald" and asking me to sing it too, then when I get to the part that goes "and on that farm he had a _____", Alarik smiles and yells "SNOWMAN".  What?  What sound does a snowman say???

Just making life generally more enjoyable and entertaining around our house!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Student of the Quarter

Look who's the student of the third quarter at Bigfork Elementary:

Monday, January 20, 2014

MLK Day at Home

The best thing about taking my old job at the city back has been more time with the kids, including days like today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  We started out our morning watching a multitude of birds in our feeder while eating our pancakes.

 I had declared it a screen-free day which meant I probably needed to help come up with ideas for fun things to do.  I knew several of the kids' stuffed animals were in need of some repair work, so I included them in the task.  We dumped out all the animals on the boys' bedroom floor and Bekah got out her vet set. 

Everyone got a complete check-up and vaccinations.

Scott and Alarik assisted Dr. Bekah.

And I was the official surgeon, sewing up several open wounds, this one on Snakey with Scott's help.

The kids literally played at the game all morning long.

We had lunch and when Alarik went down for his nap, I got out my scrapbooking supplies so Bekah and Scott could each make a thank you card for Great Grandpa Jim for the Christmas ornaments he sent them.

I only helped them set their eyelets; the rest of the creations are 100% them and I think they turned out very nice.

While they worked, I made a nice stack of cards including baby, birthday, thank you and everyday cards.  You can see how those turned out at

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Laundry Day

Dad got a jump-start on the laundry yesterday, but we had a lot to go still.  Seven loads to be exact.  Scott was looking for one particular pair of pajamas and he decided to make a tower while he was sifting through searching for them.

He found only the shirt so he settled for some zip-jammies instead.  He did end up with an impressive tower though!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Conversations with Alarik

Alarik had been doing really well telling us when he had dirty pants.  Not anymore.  Now he denies it and has even gone so far as to blame another kid at daycare for pooping in his pants.  So not cute.  Here's how this evening's conversation went:

Me:  Alarik, are you poopy?
Alarik:  No.
Me:  What's that smell then?
Alarik:  It's poop.
Me:  Where is this poop?
Alarik:  It's in my diaper.
And then he ran off to my bed room demanding, "Change me."

Like last year, we received a gift certificate to the Edge Water Park from the Kogoski's and we'll be going in March.  Whenever Alarik pretends to be going somewhere, it's to the water park.  He's convinced that the Kallinens are coming too.
Alarik: We goin to water park in March?
Me:  Yep!
Alarik:  And Daddy and Bekah and Scottie too?
Me:  Yep.
Alarik:  And Kallinens?
Me:  No, no the Kallinens, the Kogowskis.  Erika, Thomas, Jonah and Kiaja
Alarik:  Just those?
Me:  Yep, the Kogowskis and the Storlies
Alarik:  I'm not a Storlie!
Me:  Yes you are.  You're Alarik Lowell Storlie.
Alarik:  And Alarik Lowell Storlie is goin to the water park!

Monday, January 13, 2014

What a Week (and a half)

Well, let's see here...where do I start?  It was cold.  Cold with a capital C, Cold.  Actually, all caps COLD!  Just after the new year we had a couple mornings of -44 and -46 below and the rest of them were all in the high thirties below zero.  Governor Dayton called off all schools in Minnesota on Monday January 6th which only ended up being about twenty below up in our neck of the woods.  School was also called off locally on Tuesday.  Bekah and Scott got to spend a couple days at daycare which was fun for them since they come home with me after school now so they don't spend much time there unless it's a non-school day.  They did some projects and one day we brought the car track which is always a hit.

So that was those two days and then the next day I got sick.  I spent two whole days in bed, then went to work Friday morning but spent that afternoon in bed.  Saturday was about 30 above, a seventy-degree difference from what we had been having, so we spent ALL day outside.  We hauled firewood and took snowmobile rides.

 Poor Scott took a piece of firewood to the side of the head while he and Bekah were unloading the trailer one load.  He's not much worse for the wear and has a cool scab to show for it.  Also, I spilled him off the back of the snowmobile and he landed face first in a fluffy pile of snow and came up laughing hysterically saying that was a blast.  Ooof, good thing this kid is tough!

I'm glad we made the best of our nice day because I spent Sunday sleeping again.  Whatever sort of bug I caught was a nasty one!  Jesse and the kids managed to fit in a few more loads of wood and snowmobile rides.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


We used the same printable as last year to highlight 2013 and plan for 2014.  Here are everyone's sheets:

Jesse's resolution is to "be better than last year".  I told him that was a cop out resolution if I ever heard one. 
Alarik didn't do one of course, but our resolutions on his behalf are to be potty trained and to transition to a big boy bed.  We actually took the first step on that second one yesterday.  After Alarik told Jesse he wasn't moving from his crib ever we pulled a fast one on him.  Scott wanted to re-arrange their bedroom so I was helping them pick up and move things around.  Jesse came up and we decided to convert Alarik's crib to a day bed. The kids all helped with the process and so he was pretty excited about it and we tried to talk it up a lot.  He got out of bed several times last night and Scott claims he kept him up half the night, but tonight he only got out of it once and is now sleeping soundly!

So far so good!  I'm afraid potty training might not go so easily.  Today at daycare Alarik informed Steph that another little kid had been the one to poop in his diaper and he wanted them put in timeout for it. Ha, ha, ha!  He also responded to her announcement that it was clean up time with "it's not my job".  Hmmm...that one's not so funny.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

About 2013 and Kicking Off 2014

2013 was a great year. Here's my take on our three amazing kids over the last year.

Though Alarik is still sweet and funny, not to mention adorable, he developed a somewhat contrary attitude in 2013.  If you say yes, he says no...quite literally!  He staunchly refuses to move from his crib to a big boy bed...he loves his crib!  He enjoys teasing us with little fabricated tidbits (such as telling Auntie Stephie that Mom made him eat dog food) which shows how smart and funny he is.  Did I mention his adorableness?

Scott did a whole lot of growing in 2013 - bothy physically and mentally/emotionally.  He started out by shooting up six inches in the first six months of the year!  Wowzers!  First grade has been wonderful for him and he's really starting to grasp reading and actually enjoy doing it for fun.  The first part of the school year was difficult as he worked to catch on to the heavier workload, but a pep talk from Dad after fall conferences made him a changed man.  His teacher, Mrs. Arlt, has marveled at the switch and both she and Scott delight in her sending text messages to Mom and Dad when he's having an especially great day.

In 2013 Bekah shined as a kind little girl.  She is always thinking of others and concerned for the well-being of the world and all of us in it.   Though she can be as mean to her nearest little brother as anyone, she also will help care for him when he's sick, try to make him feel better when he's blue and she made several homemade gifts for him.  She's always kind to her littlest brother.  She raised money to donate to church and often gave of her allowance for charitable causes, with no prompting from Jesse or me.  She has a soft spot for animals too, though that doesn't stop her from hunting them with her Dad and enjoying eating what they bag.  She started piano lessons with a new teacher this school year and also added the violin to her repertoire.

We are thankful for all the blessings of 2013 and we bid it farewell with affection.

And now...Hello, 2014!  It's New Year's Day and here is what we are up to:
  • writing meeting dates, social engagements and other obligations on our 2014 calendar
  • backing up 2013 photos and ordering prints for scrapbooking
  • laundry
  • keeping warm - it was -36 this morning!
  • playing games, toys and watching movies