Wednesday, January 1, 2014

About 2013 and Kicking Off 2014

2013 was a great year. Here's my take on our three amazing kids over the last year.

Though Alarik is still sweet and funny, not to mention adorable, he developed a somewhat contrary attitude in 2013.  If you say yes, he says no...quite literally!  He staunchly refuses to move from his crib to a big boy bed...he loves his crib!  He enjoys teasing us with little fabricated tidbits (such as telling Auntie Stephie that Mom made him eat dog food) which shows how smart and funny he is.  Did I mention his adorableness?

Scott did a whole lot of growing in 2013 - bothy physically and mentally/emotionally.  He started out by shooting up six inches in the first six months of the year!  Wowzers!  First grade has been wonderful for him and he's really starting to grasp reading and actually enjoy doing it for fun.  The first part of the school year was difficult as he worked to catch on to the heavier workload, but a pep talk from Dad after fall conferences made him a changed man.  His teacher, Mrs. Arlt, has marveled at the switch and both she and Scott delight in her sending text messages to Mom and Dad when he's having an especially great day.

In 2013 Bekah shined as a kind little girl.  She is always thinking of others and concerned for the well-being of the world and all of us in it.   Though she can be as mean to her nearest little brother as anyone, she also will help care for him when he's sick, try to make him feel better when he's blue and she made several homemade gifts for him.  She's always kind to her littlest brother.  She raised money to donate to church and often gave of her allowance for charitable causes, with no prompting from Jesse or me.  She has a soft spot for animals too, though that doesn't stop her from hunting them with her Dad and enjoying eating what they bag.  She started piano lessons with a new teacher this school year and also added the violin to her repertoire.

We are thankful for all the blessings of 2013 and we bid it farewell with affection.

And now...Hello, 2014!  It's New Year's Day and here is what we are up to:
  • writing meeting dates, social engagements and other obligations on our 2014 calendar
  • backing up 2013 photos and ordering prints for scrapbooking
  • laundry
  • keeping warm - it was -36 this morning!
  • playing games, toys and watching movies

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