Thursday, January 23, 2014

Alarik: 2 years, 8 months

 Alarik has a few favorite sayings right now.  They are:
"Tushie butt"  ~  "Tootie cat"  ~  "Stephie is my auntie!"

We've started banning tushie butt and tootie cat.  Scott wondered why since they aren't bad words.  No, they are not.  But boy are we sick of hearing them!

What else is Alarik up to lately?
Wearing sunglasses around the house.  

Nicely informing you that something is "both of ours" if you say it isn't his. 

Pronouncing the word different "dishent" - as in, "I want something 'dishent' to eat"

Singing "Old McDonald" and asking me to sing it too, then when I get to the part that goes "and on that farm he had a _____", Alarik smiles and yells "SNOWMAN".  What?  What sound does a snowman say???

Just making life generally more enjoyable and entertaining around our house!

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  1. Boy does he look like Scott in that 2nd sunglasses picture!