Thursday, January 16, 2014

Conversations with Alarik

Alarik had been doing really well telling us when he had dirty pants.  Not anymore.  Now he denies it and has even gone so far as to blame another kid at daycare for pooping in his pants.  So not cute.  Here's how this evening's conversation went:

Me:  Alarik, are you poopy?
Alarik:  No.
Me:  What's that smell then?
Alarik:  It's poop.
Me:  Where is this poop?
Alarik:  It's in my diaper.
And then he ran off to my bed room demanding, "Change me."

Like last year, we received a gift certificate to the Edge Water Park from the Kogoski's and we'll be going in March.  Whenever Alarik pretends to be going somewhere, it's to the water park.  He's convinced that the Kallinens are coming too.
Alarik: We goin to water park in March?
Me:  Yep!
Alarik:  And Daddy and Bekah and Scottie too?
Me:  Yep.
Alarik:  And Kallinens?
Me:  No, no the Kallinens, the Kogowskis.  Erika, Thomas, Jonah and Kiaja
Alarik:  Just those?
Me:  Yep, the Kogowskis and the Storlies
Alarik:  I'm not a Storlie!
Me:  Yes you are.  You're Alarik Lowell Storlie.
Alarik:  And Alarik Lowell Storlie is goin to the water park!

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