Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It was a dark and windy night...

...Bekah was practicing piano and the guys and I were all reading in the living room.  The phone rang. No one moved because we never answer our house phone because if it's not Grandma Linda, then it's a telemarketer. The answering machine picked up and we heard the automated voice of ISD #318's alert system. "Due to the continued extreme cold, no school tomorrow."  I grabbed my camera so I could capture these:

Scott's reaction as we listened to the message:

And Bekah's after she exclaimed, "SERIOUSLY????" in a really annoyed tone.  Apparently she's been looking forward to starting art class this semester and these last two days off have been quite the drag in that sense.  However she did manage to have an excellent time at daycare and you can't beat wearing nothing but PJs for two days straight!

Today is the fifth day the kids have had off this winter already.  I can't remember how many days they "build in" before we have to start making them up in June.  That won't be fun.

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