Thursday, January 2, 2014


We used the same printable as last year to highlight 2013 and plan for 2014.  Here are everyone's sheets:

Jesse's resolution is to "be better than last year".  I told him that was a cop out resolution if I ever heard one. 
Alarik didn't do one of course, but our resolutions on his behalf are to be potty trained and to transition to a big boy bed.  We actually took the first step on that second one yesterday.  After Alarik told Jesse he wasn't moving from his crib ever we pulled a fast one on him.  Scott wanted to re-arrange their bedroom so I was helping them pick up and move things around.  Jesse came up and we decided to convert Alarik's crib to a day bed. The kids all helped with the process and so he was pretty excited about it and we tried to talk it up a lot.  He got out of bed several times last night and Scott claims he kept him up half the night, but tonight he only got out of it once and is now sleeping soundly!

So far so good!  I'm afraid potty training might not go so easily.  Today at daycare Alarik informed Steph that another little kid had been the one to poop in his diaper and he wanted them put in timeout for it. Ha, ha, ha!  He also responded to her announcement that it was clean up time with "it's not my job".  Hmmm...that one's not so funny.

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