Monday, January 20, 2014

MLK Day at Home

The best thing about taking my old job at the city back has been more time with the kids, including days like today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  We started out our morning watching a multitude of birds in our feeder while eating our pancakes.

 I had declared it a screen-free day which meant I probably needed to help come up with ideas for fun things to do.  I knew several of the kids' stuffed animals were in need of some repair work, so I included them in the task.  We dumped out all the animals on the boys' bedroom floor and Bekah got out her vet set. 

Everyone got a complete check-up and vaccinations.

Scott and Alarik assisted Dr. Bekah.

And I was the official surgeon, sewing up several open wounds, this one on Snakey with Scott's help.

The kids literally played at the game all morning long.

We had lunch and when Alarik went down for his nap, I got out my scrapbooking supplies so Bekah and Scott could each make a thank you card for Great Grandpa Jim for the Christmas ornaments he sent them.

I only helped them set their eyelets; the rest of the creations are 100% them and I think they turned out very nice.

While they worked, I made a nice stack of cards including baby, birthday, thank you and everyday cards.  You can see how those turned out at

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