Monday, January 13, 2014

What a Week (and a half)

Well, let's see here...where do I start?  It was cold.  Cold with a capital C, Cold.  Actually, all caps COLD!  Just after the new year we had a couple mornings of -44 and -46 below and the rest of them were all in the high thirties below zero.  Governor Dayton called off all schools in Minnesota on Monday January 6th which only ended up being about twenty below up in our neck of the woods.  School was also called off locally on Tuesday.  Bekah and Scott got to spend a couple days at daycare which was fun for them since they come home with me after school now so they don't spend much time there unless it's a non-school day.  They did some projects and one day we brought the car track which is always a hit.

So that was those two days and then the next day I got sick.  I spent two whole days in bed, then went to work Friday morning but spent that afternoon in bed.  Saturday was about 30 above, a seventy-degree difference from what we had been having, so we spent ALL day outside.  We hauled firewood and took snowmobile rides.

 Poor Scott took a piece of firewood to the side of the head while he and Bekah were unloading the trailer one load.  He's not much worse for the wear and has a cool scab to show for it.  Also, I spilled him off the back of the snowmobile and he landed face first in a fluffy pile of snow and came up laughing hysterically saying that was a blast.  Ooof, good thing this kid is tough!

I'm glad we made the best of our nice day because I spent Sunday sleeping again.  Whatever sort of bug I caught was a nasty one!  Jesse and the kids managed to fit in a few more loads of wood and snowmobile rides.

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