Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Report - Feb 22 & 23

Scott got an invite to join the Haley Logging crew on Saturday morning.  Startin' the next generation young!  I packed him a thermos of hot chocolate and some snacks.  He rode in the skidder with Mini and the de-limber with Thor and reported when he got home that it was "awesome...and bumpy!"

I cleaned the bathroom and giggled at Scott's job of re-stocking the cup supply on the shelf.  I guess he figures he'll have to refill less often if he just puts them all out at once.  :)

Jesse and I went to his ambulance crew annual party on Saturday night.  It was an ugly sweater contest and Jesse went shopping for us both and even borrowed a bowtie for himself.  We had to watch several youtube videos to figure out how to tie it.

I think his overall ensemble was quite charming.

Later in the night he added Kyle's nerdy glasses and everyone told him the look was made for him and he should've been dressing this way his entire life. 

Bekah's been struggling with learning multiplication facts so I wanted to find some fun ways to help her practice.  We found two games on Pinterest that we played and she liked them. 

 Alarik had to be part of the action so we got some coloring stuff out for him to work on.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

You Don't Know If You Don't Ask

We hear a lot of comments from Scott about girls that want to marry him, girlfriends, etc.  After school one day last week he told Jesse and I that no girls wanted to marry him that day.  I said that was quite a change from the seven that had their eye on him in the past.  He shrugged and said, "It's because I didn't ask the question today."  Jesse asked what question that was and Scott replied, "Raise your hand if you want to marry me"  Oh, I can just hear him asking that!  What a card.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

48 degrees...ABOVE zero!

Looks like we've emerged from the days of 44 below zero. The last couple of days we were treated to a tropical-feeling 30-40+  above, complete with sunshine.  I took to the trails for some snowshoeing after work.  Now that we've been snowmobiling on the trails, it's not very tough going.

I had my faithful companion Morgan along.

There's one section of trail that hadn't been snowmobiled on so we ventured that way to get a better workout and boy, did we!  I sunk up to mid-thigh in some places.  I thought I was going to lose poor Morgan there for a bit.

It was so refreshing to be out in the sunshine and blue sky!

I wonder who went that way?

Back on the easy trail.  Morgan's tongue was to the ground and I was huffin' and puffin'.

Back at the house the kids had built a snowman; the first of the season for us.

And then they helped Dad hook up the new toboggan and they fired up the snowmobile.

The neighbor boys came down and it was combination snowmobile-rides and snowball-fights!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Working Out

Alarik was as delighted as Scott to find he had a tank top that matched.  So cool.  And check out those muscles!

And that physique!  ;)

Bekah pulled on some workout clothes too and they dug out the old Monkey Dos DVD. Here they are doing Whizzy the Helicopter:

I'm not sure what this is supposed to be.


And a choo-choo train:

This was canoeing but Scott claimed to have put a motor on his canoe so he was zooming around instead of paddling. 

Yes, yes, I think the muscles already look bigger!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 Resolutions That Should Have Been

These things were not my 2014 resolutions, but they should have been because I'm rockin' them! 
  1. floss - this is amazing and boy do I feel dumb for not realizing it until now. The kids got two-minute timers from the dentist last time they were there and I just happened to use one the other day. I also flossed because I had just read in a magazine that gum health is directly related to heart disease risk.  Nothing like the threat of a bad heart to get you to floss!  So I flossed, I brushed for two full minutes and my teeth and mouth felt amazing.  It was like that just-came-from-the-dentist feeling minus any pain!  Wow.
  2. Do something with the 9 years of video clips of the kids that I have - I'm much more comfortable with digital photos than videos and I don't take all that many, but I enjoy the ones I do take.  It's fun to be able to hear the kids' cute little voices and remember how small they once were.  Our first digital camera took only 30-second long videos with no sound.  At one time I had created a whole project with them, set to music and everything.  Then the computer it was on crashed and I had never burned it to DVD so it was lost.  Also lost was a big chunk of pictures/videos from 2011.  I decided I better get something done with what I had left before I put it off too long.  My first task was to actually locate all the videos since they were saved right along with my photos, organized by year and month.  I went through ALL my usb drives and moved every video file I found to a folder on my computer.  Then I sorted them chronologically.  My next step was to find a website/software to use.  Turns out there weren't that many options which was kind of nice because I didn't have to spend much time comparing.  I ended up using  First I uploaded all the no-sound videos and music to go with it.  Then I just went in chronological order, separating the rest into one-hour blocks and uploading them.  They came in the mail a couple days ago and we have already had fun watching a couple.

My actual 2014 resolution was to have more patience with and not yell at my kids.  That's going ok.  :)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

SmartPhone Photo Recap

Hopefully I'll get better as I get used to it but so far I'm not super impressed with the camera on my new smartphone.  I haven't been able to get good quality pics yet.  But it sure is handier than getting the camera, so I have had some fun with it over the last 10 days.

The day I got the phone Bekah and I were in Grand Rapids for an eye doctor appointment.  She'd had a black speck taken out of her eye a couple weeks before at the clinic.  The same eye was bothering her again so they sent her to get it checked out.  It turned out to be nothing and we had a fun day together eating out, running errands, buying smartphones and having a treat at CherryBerry:

 Post-bath photos:

This kid needs a haircut!

We were heading out snowmobiling this day and Bekah and Scott declared that the inside of the face masks smelled like Daddy's beard!  :)

Speaking of Daddy, here he is talking on his new smartphone and changing a diaper at the same time.  What a multi-talented guy!

As we pulled in the yard this day after work/school, Scott was fake whining that I never carried him he got a piggyback ride to the house.

The weekend chore of sorting laundry was made way more fun by trying on someone else's pants!

This kid needed a haircut too.  Check out his wings/horns:

Aw, but he's oh so snuggly and cute, isn't he???

This happened to Bekah's face:
The incident involved the snowmobile, a sled, a bump, and the bird feeder post.  I'm glad I didn't witness it.  Taking her to the clinic to see if stitches were needed was enough for me.  Thank goodness she did not need stitches and nothing was broken.  She is sore and it's so swollen, but it should heal up just fine.
I hate it when people take pictures of their hurt or sick kids and then post them on Facebook or scrapbook them. But then Bekah said she'd already snapped a few pics with her own camera because, "I don't wanna forget THIS!", so I figured I'd follow suit.  This photo is three days after the accident so you can imagine what it looked like right away.  Eeesh!
I'm thinking our family should steer clear of sleds maybe.  They seem to be our demise!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Funny Stuff Scott Says

I ran across a bunch of stuff I jotted down several months ago that Scott said that made me giggle.

You know what would stink about if you spoke sign language?  You’d only be able to count to 10!

Know what was weird about today?
Some girl called me hot.
Who was that?
What did you say to her?
Nothing.  Actually, I said, ‘girls are the ones that are hot’  And boys are cold. Hahaha!

Who all have you met that you wanted to marry?
Just Daddy.
Just Daddy?
Yeah, just Daddy.  Who have you met that you wanted to marry.
McKinley. She’s Caden R’s girlfriend right now.
Oh. Do you have a girlfriend right now?
Who is it?
Is she your first one?
No, my third.
Who were the others?
McKinley who is Caden R’s girlfriend right now and the girl named Claire.
But you want to marry McKinley?
Yeah. We fell in love in Kindergarten.  We stayed in love all over the summer.  Two days after first grade started we broke up.  Hannah’s my girlfriend now.  I didn’t even ask her to be it. 
How do you know she is then?
I asked her if she broke up with who she was girlfriend/boyfriend with before and she said yes. Then I asked her who she wanted to marry and she said, “you”.
So that makes her your girlfriend?
Don’t tell Bekah any of that stuff mom.
For sure.  Big sisters shouldn’t know that kind of stuff.
Yeah.  Seriously mom.  Don’t.  Don’t tell Dad either.  Pinky swear me for both that you won’t tell them.

This whole conversation is made funnier by a later comment I overheard him say to Bekah:  “I don’t have a girlfriend, but there’s a girl who has a boyfriend that’s me.”

Mom, is there going to be a full moon tonight?
I don’t know.
Is there such thing as half sun and quarter sun like there is the moon?
Of COURSE there’s not!  Ha, ha…I knew there wasn’t.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Who Needs School?

 Scott cuddled up with my big old graphing calculator a couple nights ago and kept himself busy for a good long while.

"Whatcha doin' Scottie?"

"Teachin' myself stuff"   :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Handy Tool

Jesse and I finally entered this century and got smart phones.  He promptly put his to good use with a violin tuning app!

Between two new smartphones and an ipad mini that Jesse won at his EMS conference last weekend, we are a little device-heavy in our house now.  It's a struggle to maintain the face-to-face time.  Jesse came home from work last night and said, "Everyone's face is glowing because you're all in front of a screen!"  Time to set some limits...tonight we were screen-free and the novelty will wear off soon I'm sure.