Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 Resolutions That Should Have Been

These things were not my 2014 resolutions, but they should have been because I'm rockin' them! 
  1. floss - this is amazing and boy do I feel dumb for not realizing it until now. The kids got two-minute timers from the dentist last time they were there and I just happened to use one the other day. I also flossed because I had just read in a magazine that gum health is directly related to heart disease risk.  Nothing like the threat of a bad heart to get you to floss!  So I flossed, I brushed for two full minutes and my teeth and mouth felt amazing.  It was like that just-came-from-the-dentist feeling minus any pain!  Wow.
  2. Do something with the 9 years of video clips of the kids that I have - I'm much more comfortable with digital photos than videos and I don't take all that many, but I enjoy the ones I do take.  It's fun to be able to hear the kids' cute little voices and remember how small they once were.  Our first digital camera took only 30-second long videos with no sound.  At one time I had created a whole project with them, set to music and everything.  Then the computer it was on crashed and I had never burned it to DVD so it was lost.  Also lost was a big chunk of pictures/videos from 2011.  I decided I better get something done with what I had left before I put it off too long.  My first task was to actually locate all the videos since they were saved right along with my photos, organized by year and month.  I went through ALL my usb drives and moved every video file I found to a folder on my computer.  Then I sorted them chronologically.  My next step was to find a website/software to use.  Turns out there weren't that many options which was kind of nice because I didn't have to spend much time comparing.  I ended up using  First I uploaded all the no-sound videos and music to go with it.  Then I just went in chronological order, separating the rest into one-hour blocks and uploading them.  They came in the mail a couple days ago and we have already had fun watching a couple.

My actual 2014 resolution was to have more patience with and not yell at my kids.  That's going ok.  :)

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