Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Funny Stuff Scott Says

I ran across a bunch of stuff I jotted down several months ago that Scott said that made me giggle.

You know what would stink about if you spoke sign language?  You’d only be able to count to 10!

Know what was weird about today?
Some girl called me hot.
Who was that?
What did you say to her?
Nothing.  Actually, I said, ‘girls are the ones that are hot’  And boys are cold. Hahaha!

Who all have you met that you wanted to marry?
Just Daddy.
Just Daddy?
Yeah, just Daddy.  Who have you met that you wanted to marry.
McKinley. She’s Caden R’s girlfriend right now.
Oh. Do you have a girlfriend right now?
Who is it?
Is she your first one?
No, my third.
Who were the others?
McKinley who is Caden R’s girlfriend right now and the girl named Claire.
But you want to marry McKinley?
Yeah. We fell in love in Kindergarten.  We stayed in love all over the summer.  Two days after first grade started we broke up.  Hannah’s my girlfriend now.  I didn’t even ask her to be it. 
How do you know she is then?
I asked her if she broke up with who she was girlfriend/boyfriend with before and she said yes. Then I asked her who she wanted to marry and she said, “you”.
So that makes her your girlfriend?
Don’t tell Bekah any of that stuff mom.
For sure.  Big sisters shouldn’t know that kind of stuff.
Yeah.  Seriously mom.  Don’t.  Don’t tell Dad either.  Pinky swear me for both that you won’t tell them.

This whole conversation is made funnier by a later comment I overheard him say to Bekah:  “I don’t have a girlfriend, but there’s a girl who has a boyfriend that’s me.”

Mom, is there going to be a full moon tonight?
I don’t know.
Is there such thing as half sun and quarter sun like there is the moon?
Of COURSE there’s not!  Ha, ha…I knew there wasn’t.

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