Saturday, February 15, 2014

SmartPhone Photo Recap

Hopefully I'll get better as I get used to it but so far I'm not super impressed with the camera on my new smartphone.  I haven't been able to get good quality pics yet.  But it sure is handier than getting the camera, so I have had some fun with it over the last 10 days.

The day I got the phone Bekah and I were in Grand Rapids for an eye doctor appointment.  She'd had a black speck taken out of her eye a couple weeks before at the clinic.  The same eye was bothering her again so they sent her to get it checked out.  It turned out to be nothing and we had a fun day together eating out, running errands, buying smartphones and having a treat at CherryBerry:

 Post-bath photos:

This kid needs a haircut!

We were heading out snowmobiling this day and Bekah and Scott declared that the inside of the face masks smelled like Daddy's beard!  :)

Speaking of Daddy, here he is talking on his new smartphone and changing a diaper at the same time.  What a multi-talented guy!

As we pulled in the yard this day after work/school, Scott was fake whining that I never carried him he got a piggyback ride to the house.

The weekend chore of sorting laundry was made way more fun by trying on someone else's pants!

This kid needed a haircut too.  Check out his wings/horns:

Aw, but he's oh so snuggly and cute, isn't he???

This happened to Bekah's face:
The incident involved the snowmobile, a sled, a bump, and the bird feeder post.  I'm glad I didn't witness it.  Taking her to the clinic to see if stitches were needed was enough for me.  Thank goodness she did not need stitches and nothing was broken.  She is sore and it's so swollen, but it should heal up just fine.
I hate it when people take pictures of their hurt or sick kids and then post them on Facebook or scrapbook them. But then Bekah said she'd already snapped a few pics with her own camera because, "I don't wanna forget THIS!", so I figured I'd follow suit.  This photo is three days after the accident so you can imagine what it looked like right away.  Eeesh!
I'm thinking our family should steer clear of sleds maybe.  They seem to be our demise!

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