Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Report - Feb 22 & 23

Scott got an invite to join the Haley Logging crew on Saturday morning.  Startin' the next generation young!  I packed him a thermos of hot chocolate and some snacks.  He rode in the skidder with Mini and the de-limber with Thor and reported when he got home that it was "awesome...and bumpy!"

I cleaned the bathroom and giggled at Scott's job of re-stocking the cup supply on the shelf.  I guess he figures he'll have to refill less often if he just puts them all out at once.  :)

Jesse and I went to his ambulance crew annual party on Saturday night.  It was an ugly sweater contest and Jesse went shopping for us both and even borrowed a bowtie for himself.  We had to watch several youtube videos to figure out how to tie it.

I think his overall ensemble was quite charming.

Later in the night he added Kyle's nerdy glasses and everyone told him the look was made for him and he should've been dressing this way his entire life. 

Bekah's been struggling with learning multiplication facts so I wanted to find some fun ways to help her practice.  We found two games on Pinterest that we played and she liked them. 

 Alarik had to be part of the action so we got some coloring stuff out for him to work on.

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