Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's ABOVE Zero!!! And SUNNY!!!

You can't believe how good it felt to get outside in the sunshine and warmer temps yesterday.  It felt plop-down-in-a-snowbank good!

 It was a great day to learn to snowshoe which is just what Bekah and Scott wanted to do.

Whoops, little mishap there.

Of course when Scott put them on he had to immediately do an off-road version of snowshoeing.  :)

He had a some issues as well.

But recovered quickly.

Dad arrived home so we dug his snowshoes out of the truck and then both kids went together.  They were outside for well over an hour and they were out again tonight.  They both want their own snowshoes now...success!

 Yes, it was a much-needed respite from the arctic temps of this winter.  The sky was bright blue.  The sun was bright and warm-ish. Roofs were dripping. I even saw some mud.  Bekah found this great icicle-turned-weapon.

And Mr. Smiley-Pants was just happy to be out in the fresh air!

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