Thursday, March 20, 2014

While I'm Gone

I'm gone for the week to a city clerks' conference in St. Cloud.  Talking to the kids on the phone each night is always interesting.  Bekah gives a fair amount of detail about her day. I got this picture texted to me of her winning the class spelling bee. 

Scott is entirely different.  He gives me one word answers to my questions, if he answers them at all, and always asks me "what" after every question like he was paying attention to something else and didn't hear me.  After answering what he figures he's required to, he says, "Here's Dad."  :)

And it's nice to be able to text during my breaks and check in on Alarik.

My conference doesn't end until late tomorrow morning but the weather looks worse for morning than it does tonight so I just may head home after dinner and surprise everyone.  We are headed for a weekend at the Edgewater Park in Duluth as soon as I get home so it would be fun to get there faster!

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