Sunday, April 20, 2014

Beautiful Little Saturday

Yesterday we were busy all day long.  First thing in the morning Alarik took a look outside through the custom "spring telescopes" drawn on our kitchen window by Bekah. (thank you, Crayola window markers!)

Alarik could see it was going to be a gorgeous day but first we did have some work to get done.  Just look at this living room mess! 

Scott opted to dust and Bekah wanted to clean the patio doors so Alarik and I picked up toys, books and games.  Then I vacuumed while the kids put things away that went in other rooms.

And here's our "after" reveal:

We did everything spring out in that gorgeous sun.  We biked, played in the creek, made cereal in the mud kitchen, played on the swing and sand pile, flew kites (and got them stuck in trees) and even scooped some dog poo out of the yard.

Those are some springtime toes!

We were outside literally ALL day long and when it was time to come in I'd given no thought to supper so we just had cheese and crackers, peanut butter on spoons and ramen noodles.  Then everyone had a bath and got nice and clean and cozy in their jammies and had movie night in Scott's tent that they pitched in the living room.  Oh, and Scott learned he could do this cool little trick:

We give this weekend an A+!

Easter Eggs and Easter Morning

We used Kool-Aid to dye our eggs this year, an idea from Pinterest.

It was an easy method, smelled much better than the usual vinegar, and the eggs turned out nice and bright.

 Bekah got Frozen in her Easter basket and she was thrilled!

Scott's favorite item was a 2-liter of Mug root beer, his favorite soda.

And Alarik liked all the candy best, though he was excited about his new toothbrush too.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

...Then Spring Arrives

Within a week, the majority of the snow had melted and we were having snack time outside and getting wet and muddy in the yard.

Scott found that the digger works equally well on water as on sand.

This was some sort of made-up game that involved running through the mud and water as close as you could to the person swinging without getting plowed over.

Lots of laundry getting washed around here these days, lots of laundry!

But SO worth it to have them out in the fresh air after our long, long, cold, cold winter.

And I'm happy to report that it looks like our mud kitchen is going to be a hit again this spring/summer/fall.  The kids went right to it as soon as it appeared from under the snow.

That mud kitchen; best $0 we ever spent!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Still Winter...

The kids playing in the snow on March 31st:

Or rather, on the snow as is the case in these photos.  The show was still really deep but there was a thick crust on top that the kids were light enough not to break through.

I found this particularly amusing.

Sometimes this is a hard time of year to know what to do outside.  There's slush and ice and deep snow and it's sunny but still sometimes cold.  Here is Scott inventing his own game.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Broadway at the Edge

When Bekah came home from piano lessons a month ago and told us her teacher asked her to sing in an upcoming performance of Broadway songs at the Edge, we weren't sure what to think.  Could Bekah sing?  It turns out she can! 

A super-fun crew of local talent and some from Northome, Grand Rapids, Coleraine and Deer River practiced long and hard (and had fun while doing so).

Here's Bekah after getting ready at home for opening night.  Mascara!!!

This child is just amazing.  She was not even nervous!  I was WAY more freaked out than she was.  She just waltzed out on stage and sang like she did it all the time.  Never would have known it was her first time singing in a performance.  She did scurry off the stage rather quickly after her song, but other than that she was pretty much a total pro.  Cris had done a great job working on her song with her in just a few short weeks of time.

 Bekah sang "Be Prepared" from The Lion King which is sort of a strange song for a little girl to sing, but she loves it.  She did great and everyone laughed when she voiced the part that is a conversation between Scar and his hyenas and when she gave an evil cackle at the end of the song.

 She also sang "One Jump" from Aladdin with the other kids in the show and the whole cast ended the night with a song together.

I've been tuned in to the "Broadway Hits" channel on Pandora Radio ever since this performance.  What fun music and what a great introduction into performing for our little star! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rubber Boots and Bubbles

Sunday was warm, sunny and spring-like.  We dug out some rubber boots and the bubbles; signs of spring for sure!

 We flung some snowballs with the kids' slingshot toy.

And Scott and Alarik discovered that ice with an inch or so of water over it is great for "dancing"!

Check out this kids moves.  :)