Sunday, April 20, 2014

Beautiful Little Saturday

Yesterday we were busy all day long.  First thing in the morning Alarik took a look outside through the custom "spring telescopes" drawn on our kitchen window by Bekah. (thank you, Crayola window markers!)

Alarik could see it was going to be a gorgeous day but first we did have some work to get done.  Just look at this living room mess! 

Scott opted to dust and Bekah wanted to clean the patio doors so Alarik and I picked up toys, books and games.  Then I vacuumed while the kids put things away that went in other rooms.

And here's our "after" reveal:

We did everything spring out in that gorgeous sun.  We biked, played in the creek, made cereal in the mud kitchen, played on the swing and sand pile, flew kites (and got them stuck in trees) and even scooped some dog poo out of the yard.

Those are some springtime toes!

We were outside literally ALL day long and when it was time to come in I'd given no thought to supper so we just had cheese and crackers, peanut butter on spoons and ramen noodles.  Then everyone had a bath and got nice and clean and cozy in their jammies and had movie night in Scott's tent that they pitched in the living room.  Oh, and Scott learned he could do this cool little trick:

We give this weekend an A+!

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