Monday, May 5, 2014

Dinner and a Hike at Scenic

After a rainy, rainy week, Sunday was beautiful so after Alarik's nap we packed up and went out to Scenic State Park for hiking and a campfire dinner. 

Bekah was quite the little explorer on the hike, stopping to examine or pick up many exciting specimens, and learning how to tell the different trees apart.

Alarik was an awesome little hiker!  Good to know since a couple of the State parks we are hitting up on our way back from the SD family reunion next month have great hiking trails.  He didn't ask to be carried until we were almost all the way back and even then he settled for holding Jesse hand while sweetly telling Jesse, "Thanks for helping me walk, Daddy."

This pic was Bekah's composition and as I snapped it I said "Gorgeous you two".  Scott balked "Gorgeous???" and I corrected it to "handsome" but he said, "I'm good with gorgeous."!

After our hike we unloaded at the picnic area and Jesse got the fire going while the kids played and Bekah did some more investigating of her finds.  Two loons swam right in front of us.

The kids and I walked to the fishing pier and they ran off some serious energy up and down that thing!

Then it was time to EAT!

 Can't have a campfire without the s'mores!

I think this is my favorite shot from the whole day.

Yum, a delicious end to a very fun afternoon out in the woods!

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