Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lunch and a Hike at The Lost Forty

After church on Mother's Day we loaded up in the truck and went to Park Rec for lunch and video games, then drove out to hike at The Lost Forty.  There were lots of cars in the parking area when we got there so we drove on to the Dishpan Wildlife Area and watched some birds for a bit.

 Then we went back and started our hike.

The kids were impressed by the big, big trees, some of which we learned are over 350 years old.

Scottie found a gardner snake that he had to catch and when it turned and bit him he was very surprised!

 But since it couldn't hurt him, he ended up thinking it was pretty funny!

Scott's favorite hiking activity is finding sticks to make into guns.

Bekah read us all the interpretive signs.

This is Alarik pouting.  I can't remember why.

And this is his attempt to "shape up" after Dad told him he better.

We found one other cool place to stop as we Sunday-drove our way home again.  This spot overlooked a neat little pond with a big beaver house in the middle of it.

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