Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Weekend 2014

What's the best way to make sure you get the most out of a long, holiday weekend?  Make a list of course!  Here's the list I made for Memorial Day Weekend 2014:  (Jesse hates my list-making but I have as much fun making the list as I do checking things off of it!)

 At first I just had the fun, pretty part, but then Jesse informed me it was supposed to rain Sunday and Monday so I added some inside tasks, just in case.  Lucky for us it was positively gorgeous all three days and we spent 99% of our time outside.  First thing Saturday morning we started with planting the veggie garden
Alarik thinks this just looks like a lot of work!

But then he decides to grab a pitchfork and help out.

And as you can see in the background, we got the camper pulled in to the yard and popped up so the kids had a fun time playing in that and rediscovering all the puzzles, books and games in there.

Scott did some biking.  Scott is always doing some biking.

Toward the end of the afternoon we had some whiners who claimed they never got to do anything they wanted to do.  When pressed they decided what they wanted was to ride bikes in town so Jesse dropped us off uptown and we biked on just about every city street there is in Bigfork!
We ended our meandering ride at the Big Fork river boat access and Scott practiced skipping rocks.  In case you are wondering, yes, he is wearing a size 4T outfit that he pulled out of Alarik's summer bin thinking it was his summer bin, and, yes, he is wearing one white sock and one black sock.  Whatever.

It was HOT and Bekah was tuckered out.  We called Dad for a pick up and went back home for dinner.

The rest of our weekend was pretty mellow.  Alarik's birthday was very low key.  We went to church where the congregation sang to him while he absolutely beamed with delight.  After nap time we went to the Powells for a BBQ and the kids had a great time all playing together.  Jesse had picked out a book for Alarik's birthday present from us and he read it to him at bedtime. 

Today we picked up flowers from the greenhouse and planted all our flower pots.  Then we went to the Maxa's for another BBQ and more playing with lots of other kids.  It was a great, productive, fun and sunny weekend!

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