Monday, June 2, 2014

A Peek at Scott

This is a sneak peek into Scott's world through his first grade journal that he brought home at the end of the year.  Priceless entertainment to Jesse and me!  I had a hard time choosing which ones to share here and I apologize for the great number, but I just couldn't narrow them down. 
First journal of the year - "Meet Me" is the theme.  icsplfivs is explosives and I think the other word in red is sugar?  No clue what the octopus is all about.  He also featured his best bud, Caden.
"Meet My Family" - my favorite part is "my bab (baby) bruthr"
"Meet My Home" - he labeled everything, including the smoke coming from our chimney!
"Red" theme - what a creative list he came up with
And here's an "Orange" theme - I think it's pretty clever that he came up with fox.
His first opportunity for free writing.  And here we find out how he feels about writing in his journal!  "I hit writg in my journal. It is not fun."  Bahahaha!
This kid loves nachos.
And he loves root beer!
October and he's starting to do a little better, even though I'm sure he still thinks it is not fun.
He chooses to write a free write about his little brother?  How sweet!
I think this is the first entry that talks about MineCraft...but certainly not the last.  You'd be amazed how many teacher-given topics he managed to somehow relate to MineCraft!!!
This one kills me.  Funny or Disturbing?  "If I were the teacher everydey I wud give evree kid 3000 peesis uv kandee. I wud let them luut off iksplosivs. I wud let them brake the windos. I wud be the best teacher in the galiksee."
Love his drawing on this one.  It's fun to see both his writing and drawing skills develop over the school year.  He used to hate drawing too, but it seems he improved upon both.
Again, loving the illustration.  All about Bekah's snowmobile accident.
And yet another awesome drawing.
"If I could drive I wud drive a monstr truk. I wud crush stuf. My truk wud be pink and blow. It wud be rilee big. I wud war a helmit."  Gaugh...too cute!!!
"The wethr is scary when thers a tornato. It's scary when thers a hrakan too. I'ev ben in a tornato befor. I am not scard of thundr storms. I like thundr stoms. My sistr dose not like thundr stoms. My sister got riley scard when we where at a tornato.
"My favorite thing to do outside is ride bike. I like to ride fast. I like to camp to. I lik to ride done big hils. It is rilee fun."
 I love to see how he spelled things and how much his writing and spelling improved over the year.  It was also fun to see the things he wrote about over and over.  They included: MineCraft, root beer, hunting, fishing, camping, biking, ipad time, playing with his cousins and Caden Rahier.  It certainly painted a good picture of who Scott is.

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