Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Boys Are Gross

We're busy packing and getting ready to leave on our family reunion road trip tomorrow night.  Scott just rushes up to me and says, "Hey, I just made up a fun game to play on our road trip!"  I asked what it was and he explains, "So it's like, for example, for letter P you might say 'a liquid that people don't drink' and everyone would have to try to guess that it's pee."  I cringed and nodded and he raced back off saying, "I haven't named the game yet and oh, I hope I can remember it for tomorrow."  I'm still just not used to how boys' minds work.

And while we're on it, Alarik had another good one today.  Another kid at daycare tattled that he had bitten them and his response was, "No I didn't! I just scratched him with my teeth."  :)

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