Sunday, June 22, 2014

Family Reunion Road Trip Day 3

Day 3 in the Black Hills was our day for being tourists.  Most of the reunion crew headed for home that morning but we were staying another night at the resort.  We started off the morning with breakfast at the Hill City Cafe.  Then we went to Mt. Rushmore where we hiked the Presidential Trail and got smashed pennies in the gift shop.  After that we drove Iron Mountain Road to Custer State Park and found lots of wildlife, including the buffalo heard on 4 Mile Draw Road.  I had thought that Alarik would get really excited about these big new animals that he'd never seen, but all he said was "dose things are all ugwy"!  There were plenty of places to get out and explore as well.
We ate lunch at a diner in the town of Custer and hit up our favorite candy shop for dessert.  We took the Needles Highway drive and then headed back to the resort for some pool time.  Just down the road from the resort was the Silver Dollar Saloon with homemade pizza which we had for dinner.
The stone faces look the same as two years ago but the kids are bigger!

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