Monday, June 23, 2014

Family Reunion Road Trip Day 4

Day 4 started out a little rough as Jesse and I were both up sick for much of the night.  Mine was short-lived and I felt ok in the morning but Jesse was still pretty miserable.  We had to check out of the resort and had a covered wagon reserved in De Smet for that night so we hit the road anyway.  We stopped to say goodbye to Grandpa and Maureen and then started the 6 hour drive.  Jesse slept a lot and the kids got restless.  We stopped at a wayside rest for a picnic lunch and the boys went absolutely bananas, literally running in circles and up, down and around the picnic tables and pavilions.  We finally made it to De Smet and got checked in at the Ingalls Homestead.  Bekah changed into her dress that my friend Shelly made for her when she found out we were doing this trip.  Bekah was in heaven.  We checked out the whole place, though most of the staff was gone and it was just a self-guided tour.  We did catch the last wagon ride of the night though and the kids even got to drive the team of horses, Barnum and Skip.  The kids wanted Subway from back in town for dinner so we drove in to eat, then it was early to bed for poor, sick Daddy!  Our covered wagon accommodations were very comfy.  We heard coyotes yipping in the middle of the night.
Bekah is exhausted, Scott is parkouring and Aalrik is runnin' free!
Bekah at the top of the observation tower. You can see our covered wagon in the background and the prairie and slough surrounding it.
They couldn't wait to check out the whole place!
Petting the kitties in the hay-roofed barn.
The dugout house
Bekah at the back of our wagon home.

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