Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Family Reunion Road Trip Day 5 - Part 1

We crammed a whole lot of fun into day 5 of our road trip.  Jesse was feeling quite a bit better.  We started the day with breakfast cereal in the covered wagon.  Then we spent several hours re-visiting all the buildings and activities on the Homestead.  Bekah enjoyed working with the staff on different projects and the boys absolutely loved playing house in all the different little dwellings which included a dugout house, a claim shanty, and Ma's little house.  They "cooked" on the stoves and served each other dinner.  It was adorable.  The kids played on the playground outside the little schoolhouse and took another pony cart ride, this time driving it all by themselves.  The best thing about the Ingalls Homestead was that everything was hands on.  There was even a sign that encouraged you to let your kids touch and play with everything.  Very cool.  I was happy that the boys and Jesse enjoyed it as much as Bekah and I did.
Alarik and Mom waking up in the wagon
Breakfast time!
A little see-saw action
Alarik stirring some "dwinks"
The boys making dinner
Alarik trying out the pump organ
Bekah learning to braid a rug
Making a button string
Monday wash day
My new laundry guy!
Laundry is not nearly so intriguing to them at home!
Driving the pony cart all by themselves

After all that fun at the Homestead, we stopped by their gift shop for a book and t-shirt for Bekah and a coffee mug for Jesse and then headed back into De Smet.  We visited the Loftus Store and walked to the Ingalls' house in town.  We grabbed a quick lunch at The Oxbow restaurant and then we headed east toward our next destination: Lake Shetek State Park.  Day 5 to be continued...

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