Thursday, June 26, 2014

Family Reunion Road Trip Day 6 - THE LAST DAY

Our vacation ended abruptly, 5 days early and on a sour note.  Jesse and I had gone to bed Tuesday night content with our alternate plan.  We knew bad weather was headed our way, we just didn't know how bad.  Turns out, pretty bad!  We woke up to lots of thunder and lightening and heavy, heavy rain.  The thunder and lightening got worse, louder and closer and eventually it was right over us.  Bekah woke up scared and even snuggled in bed with Jesse and I she was shaking and whimpering.  We weren't getting any water in the tent, but Jesse and I were nervous about the huge oak trees we were tenting under and what a falling limb would mean.  I have no idea how long it lasted but eventually the storm passed and we must have all fallen back to sleep, only to be jerked awake again by the sound of someone throwing up.  It was Alarik and he didn't even wake up so Jesse threw out the puked on sleeping bags and pillow, cleaned up with baby wipes as best he could and figured Alarik had just eaten one too many "smarshmarrows" before bed.  I think we drifted back to sleep one more time before the big puke came.  Another sleeping bag and pillow got thrown out of the tent along with some stuffed animals and blankets.  Yuck.  Once again we cleaned up with baby wipes and tried to get back to sleep.  Through the door of the tent we could see more lightening to the west; another storm heading our way.  I was not interested in sitting out another storm in that tent so I suggested we move to the truck which Jesse agreed to.  Since we had a cart-in site, the truck was a ways away so I took Alarik with me and Jesse and the two big kids grabbed what clean sleeping gear there was and followed.  When we got to the truck we discovered it was 4am and I realized Jesse and I were not likely to get any more sleep in the truck.  A check of the weather still showed thunderstorms for the next two days in that area and the two days after that in our next destination.  It was easy to convince Jesse that we should just pack up and go home.  We couldn't very well bring a sick kid to the Goudy's and Pepin, WI probably wasn't far enough north to miss the next round of storms.  It wasn't raining at that particular moment and Jesse and I had the tent down and crammed in the bag and everything else loaded up in the truck within 15 minutes!  On the way out of the park we had to detour around a huge oak limb that had fallen onto the road.  It was a big as a whole oak tree back home.  The drive back across the road under water was even more of an adventure than the first time.  The water was obviously deeper and Jesse slowly ventured in.  You could feel the current pulling at the truck and then all of a sudden there was swirling white water in front of the truck and Jesse thought maybe the road had washed out.  As he looked closer he realized it was fish swimming and jumping in the water across the road!  We could relax a little once we made the crossing and the kids and I all caught a little more sleep on the long and boring 7+ hour drive back home.  About two hours from home we had to pull over for poor Bekah but that was all the more of it she had so I think it was just combination over-tiredness and carsick. 
The vacation crew - a little worse for the wear in this photo!
Even though our vacation was cut short, everyone was happy to be home on Wednesday afternoon.  The kids all slept way in on Thursday morning, Bekah until 10am, and Scott took a 20-minute long hot shower.  I washed a million loads of laundry, Jesse mowed the lawn and we put away all the food and clean clothes that came home with us.

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  1. OMG! You waaaaay down played this story in person! Wow did you guys go through the ruckus! I'm glad you all survived and had all your spunk and pep in tact last weekend! :)