Monday, July 21, 2014


A couple of days last week I skipped the fitness center and the kids and I biked to town instead.  The first day Caden came with us and we biked to the kiosk/wannigan, the trestle bridge, and then to daycare where Dad picked us up for a ride home.

 A couple days later we made the trek again and this time we biked to the City park to play for awhile.  After we biked around town a little more, Jesse picked up Alarik and the trailer and the other two kids and I headed back home on the bikes.  Bekah wanted to get picked up by Jesse after he and Alarik made a pit stop at the grocery store, but Scott and I biked all the way home again.
The first big hill on our road is by far the hardest part of the route!
Water break at the top!

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