Monday, July 7, 2014

Flowers & Veggies

The vegetable garden is not looking so great this summer.  I had read up on deep mulch gardening over the winter and decided I wanted to try it.  Turns out to be not such a great year to have 6 inches of mulch on the garden, holding in all that rain we got in June!  As you can see, what little "green" we have poking up amongst the mounds of hay is really more yellow.  I hope as it heats up here in July the garden will dry out and things will recover.

In the meantime, let's look at our pretty flowers and shrubs instead!

Bekah decided to re-do her flower pot sign this year.  Here she is putting a coat of poly on it. It says, "Bekah's pot of petals and such". She added the "and such" because of her little frog statue and welcome rock, which you can't even see now!
A close up of her petals!  Her lilies are all remnants of one she planted in there last year.  They spread like crazy!
This is Scott's pot, though I'm not sure why because he didn't help plant it, just picked out the flowers for it.  He's got a few stray potato plants in there.  We had some potatoes that sprouted and I chopped them up and threw them in there.  They hadn't done anything and I thought I had dug them all out when I planted the flowers, but I must have missed a few and then they started growing.  I wonder if we will actually get potatoes from them?
This one is Alarik's pot.  He DID help plant.
Here's the hostas along the garage. This is the third year for these plants and they are doing great. Every time he looks at them, Jesse asks if I feel dumb that we waited so long to get good perennials planted.
And here's some brand new hostas we ordered from Farmer's Seed Company this spring.  This one is Regal Blue.
And this one is Richland Gold. Jesse and I love to spend time each week walking around the yard checking on all our various plants.  The ones we've transplanted from his mom or Grandma Helen always do the best, but I hope these new varieties will take off too.

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