Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekend Getaway - Como & Banning

We made a little getaway weekend of Labor Day this year.  We stayed at the Goudy's house and took in Como Zoo and Conservatory, finished up just a little bit of school shopping that we had left, and then hit up Banning State Park on our way home today.
Flamingos and Ducks

The sea lions were a favorite.

Orangutangs - lots of jokes cracked by Bekah about "Scott's family"
Zebras and Gnus
And ostriches too!  Bekah loved the ostriches, "because ostrich is fun to say"!
Alarik talked about nothing but giraffes until we actually got to the giraffes. The he said he didn't like them.
A 9 foot tall water fountain!
Scott was excited they had a tiger.
We caught Sparky the sea lion's show.
Then it was time to fill those hungry bellies.  Scott is double-fisting the pizza/cheeseburger combo!
Everyone liked the penguins.
Walking in the conservatory - so gorgeous!
Scott has a face for all occasions.
One of the outdoor garden pathways
Sitting on a little cliff above the Kettle River at Banning State Park
This part of the trail was ok to run ahead on but there were parts with steep drops to the river that made Dad a nervous guy.
Taking a breather on a sandstone slab seat
The quarry trail had interpretive stops that explain how and why the sandstone was mined.
Blocks!  Kind of heavy and hard to play with though.  :)
Got a little closer to the Kettle River - never close enough to test the water, though Scott REALLY wanted to!
Hiking up the last set of steps on the quarry trail.
All tuckered out at the end of the trail.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Who Needs a Swing?

The kids have been waiting a year for Jesse to re-hang the swing that came down as a result of demolishing the old lattice shed.  He finally put up a couple sections of scaffolding yesterday so he could reach a high tree branch to do it.

 It's a long swing and you can get some pretty good height.

But, it turns out, the real fun was the scaffolding.  All three kids played up there for hours during the day and then when Bekah was gone for a sleepover, the boys played on it until after dark!
I think this kid needs to share his sweet dance moves.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Toad Fun and EATING CARROTS!!!

The boys never get tired of creating habits for the toads they catch.
Get ready to dive, toad!
Not sure what Scott is explaining here, but it looks important.  :)
In other news, Alarik is eating some veggies now!!!  Hooray!
Carrots and "cue-numbers" go down easy with a dollop of dill dip.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Post Shopping Helpers

When Jesse asked the kids to open up the mega-pack of TP and put it away, he failed to clarify that they didn't need to break the thing down all the way!

Monday, August 11, 2014

King of the Random Question

Do all boys have such strangely-operating brains as Scott seems to?  He has perfected the random question and you just have to wonder what in the world made him ask some of these things.  Examples:

So mom, what, did Indians just used to poop and pee their pants?

How come the glass in rocket ship windows doesn't melt from the heat of the sun?

Has anyone in the world ever made yellow lipstick?

And, my favorite, not-so-random but still funny question he asked on the drive home from MomsnKids camping, "I wonder what Dad's been eating without me."   Ha, ha, ha!

Some questions offer great opportunity for important discussions.  Such as this one:  "So mom, what happens when you move out of your mom and dad's house?  Do you just buy your own house and a car and then get a job?"

And here's just a taste of the sassy-ness  he has to offer:
Me:  Scott, please stop! Watching you do that is driving me batty!
Scott:  Then don't watch me.
Me:   Scott...
Scott:  Wha-at?  I was just giving you a tip.

He's got a quick wit, I'll give him that!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

MomsnKids 2014 - Day 4

Our last day of MomsnKids was all about breakfast!  Alayna had some great recipes from her campfire cooking sessions at camp and they were delicious!  She and Melissa made us blueberry muffins cooked in hollowed out orange peel halves.  They were SO tasty with that hint of orange!  Then We had egg-in-a-holes.

And that was that because Jesse showed up halfway through breakfast and right afterwards we all started to pack up.  He must have missed us!

I think everyone was glad we decided to go "real" camping again for MomsnKids and I'm sure we'll do it again next year.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

MomsnKids 2014 - Day 3

Day 3 (Saturday) brought more of the same.  Eating. Swimming, Games, Biking Eating, Swimming, Crafts, Biking, Eating, S'mores, Bed.
Gavin's turn to cook some bacon
He may have spilled all the eggs into the fire, but he cooked up some delicious pancakes!
Craft project time - t-shirt yarn bracelets
The girls made necklaces, headbands, anklets and even rings!
Scott had his whole own style!

Melissa had her whole own style too...but it had nothing to do with bracelets!

Gavin claimed he hated all the singing. So of course we went over the top with it!
Bekah and Eleanor teaching us "Herman the Worm"