Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Camp Hiawatha 2014 - Bekah

 What a week both Bekah and we at home had while she was at camp the week of July 20th!  She was so excited to be old enough to stay for a full week this year.  She "shoo-shoo-ed" Jesse and I out of there as soon as she had met her counselor and unrolled her sleeping bag.  We enjoyed a couple days of checking the parent connection website each night and seeing pictures of her having fun.  Then this came in the mail:

 Ack! A mother's nightmare!  And the worst part was that since Scott had dropped the mail when he got it that day, this letter lay on the lawn until Jesse came home from softball at 10:30pm and what could we do about it at that time of day?  We reasoned that if she was truly miserable, a staff member would have called us, not just have her send a letter home.  So we toughed it out until 7am when I called and talked to the camp cook who answers the phone at that time of day.  By mid morning I had a call back from a wonderful staffer named Amanda who had actually been Bekah's counselor during Rejuve back in March.  She had talked with Bekah and learned that she was just a little homesick on Monday and worried about how long of a week it would be before she would see her family again, but that things had gotten better since then and she did not really want to leave.  Whew!  So with that behind us, we continued to enjoy the photos posted for the rest of the week before I got to go pick her up on Friday.
Bekah with her counselor, Steph, and cabin-mates
The whole crew for the week of July 20th in the water
Bekah's cabin at the beach
Time for Rubbaboo (Bible study) - Bekah's cabin studied the parable of the seeds and the sower all week
Singing around the campfire. Bekah taught us a few of her favorites when she got home.
Bekah and her counselor, Steph
Bekah and a cabin buddy!
Yoga time!

We are so grateful for the loving staff at Camp that helped Bekah through her first bout with homesickness.  She had a blessed week that would have been a shame to miss!

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