Monday, August 11, 2014

King of the Random Question

Do all boys have such strangely-operating brains as Scott seems to?  He has perfected the random question and you just have to wonder what in the world made him ask some of these things.  Examples:

So mom, what, did Indians just used to poop and pee their pants?

How come the glass in rocket ship windows doesn't melt from the heat of the sun?

Has anyone in the world ever made yellow lipstick?

And, my favorite, not-so-random but still funny question he asked on the drive home from MomsnKids camping, "I wonder what Dad's been eating without me."   Ha, ha, ha!

Some questions offer great opportunity for important discussions.  Such as this one:  "So mom, what happens when you move out of your mom and dad's house?  Do you just buy your own house and a car and then get a job?"

And here's just a taste of the sassy-ness  he has to offer:
Me:  Scott, please stop! Watching you do that is driving me batty!
Scott:  Then don't watch me.
Me:   Scott...
Scott:  Wha-at?  I was just giving you a tip.

He's got a quick wit, I'll give him that!

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