Friday, August 8, 2014

MomsnKids Camping - Day 2

We could not have asked for better weather for our weekend.  Day 2 went something like this:

  • up before 7am because Scottie wanted to be the one to start the fire for the day
  • cereal and banana bread for breakfast
  • dice/card games in the campsite
  • swimming
  • substantial snack of hotdogs
  • Pratos arrive
  • swimming again
  • dinner - BLTs, chips, veggies and dip
  • Stephie finally arrives
  • the Kings finally arrive
  • played fun word and story games around the campfire and sang songs that Bekah and Alayna learned at camp
Skip-Bo dice game
Watching the minnows off the fishing pier
Can't get enough beach time!
Bikes at the beach?  Why not?
Fantastic facial expressions by the Kallinens!
Scott & Eleanor building a sandcastle
Fun-lovin' cousins!
Now THAT'S a pan of bacon!
Scott cheating while playing "sausage" by hiding his smile behind his rootbeer

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