Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekend Getaway - Como & Banning

We made a little getaway weekend of Labor Day this year.  We stayed at the Goudy's house and took in Como Zoo and Conservatory, finished up just a little bit of school shopping that we had left, and then hit up Banning State Park on our way home today.
Flamingos and Ducks

The sea lions were a favorite.

Orangutangs - lots of jokes cracked by Bekah about "Scott's family"
Zebras and Gnus
And ostriches too!  Bekah loved the ostriches, "because ostrich is fun to say"!
Alarik talked about nothing but giraffes until we actually got to the giraffes. The he said he didn't like them.
A 9 foot tall water fountain!
Scott was excited they had a tiger.
We caught Sparky the sea lion's show.
Then it was time to fill those hungry bellies.  Scott is double-fisting the pizza/cheeseburger combo!
Everyone liked the penguins.
Walking in the conservatory - so gorgeous!
Scott has a face for all occasions.
One of the outdoor garden pathways
Sitting on a little cliff above the Kettle River at Banning State Park
This part of the trail was ok to run ahead on but there were parts with steep drops to the river that made Dad a nervous guy.
Taking a breather on a sandstone slab seat
The quarry trail had interpretive stops that explain how and why the sandstone was mined.
Blocks!  Kind of heavy and hard to play with though.  :)
Got a little closer to the Kettle River - never close enough to test the water, though Scott REALLY wanted to!
Hiking up the last set of steps on the quarry trail.
All tuckered out at the end of the trail.

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