Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mom & Dad's Night Away

Jesse has always wanted to spend some time in Voyageur's National Park so we reserved a hotel room in Orr for one night and went to check it out.  The weather was gorgeous and every place we went was deserted which surprised me since the leaves were at their peak color.  Besides deserted trails, two of the three visitor centers in the park were closed as was the bear center which we had wanted to check out.  We still had a good time, hiking a few short trails and stopping for beers and nachos along the way.  We will definitely be going back and taking the kids sometime.

Fall Leaves

For a way to spend a sunny fall afternoon, you simply can't beat raking up a big pile of leaves to play in.  And it's especially fun when the awesome new swing Dad hung for you is so perfect for leaping off of and into the big pile!

Monday, September 29, 2014

More of Scott's World

Can Scott eat a tortilla like a normal person?
But then he spies me putting together some felt button chains for church busy bags and he wants to help.
Look at that focus! If only I could bottle that up and send it to school with him.
He had so much fun that he was inspired to make more of these in bracelet version for himself, Alarik and even Bear.
He was proud to have helped with this project. If only he was that motivated for school work.
Jesse and I had to meet with Ms. Newman last week to come up with a plan for Scott. Now he has a daily schedule taped to his desk each day and he gets smiley or frown-y faces for each time slot depending on whether or not he's getting his work done and how many reminders he needs to stay on task.  He has to bring home any work that doesn't get done during school due to his dilly-dallying. If he gets all his work done and has mostly smiles, he gets to go to football practice with Jesse that night.  We finished out last week pretty well. Each day was a little bit better than the last and he had only a few frowns.  This week started out not so good - only one smile today.  Well, on the bright side there's lots of room to improve this week!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

This is What I'm Dealing With

I tell Scott to take some laundry off the line and this is what I get:
I tell you what, this, THIS kid is going to be the cause of my first grey hairs.  Unless I already have some that I haven't noticed yet, then he's going to be the cause of their multiplying!  No matter what he is supposed to be doing, he's usually in la-la land, totally doing his own thing.  If he's supposed to be working at his desk at school, he's either lying his head on said desk, or drawing on it!  If he's supposed to be practicing piano at home, you'll probably find him under the piano bench playing some sort of fort game.  If he's supposed to be doing a chore, he probably wandered/sneaked outside.  Sent him to brush his teeth and get ready for bed?  Oh yeah, there he is with his socks on his arms pretending to have broken arms in casts.  Hey, if he keeps this up, maybe...

(just kidding)

Scott is on his own timetable.  He cares not for the timetables of others, nor for their goals and expectations of him.  We struggled with this at the start of last school year and it's plaguing us again.  He just IS NOT motivated by anything our brains can come up with to either threaten or reward him with.  No screen time?  Eh.  Extra screen time? No change.  More chores?  He'll just lollygag and get sidetracked and make them last until bedtime which is another reason for my frustration level to shoot through the roof.  Yelling?  Has no effect on him and causes me guilt.

I know there's worse issues we could be dealing with here and I'm trying to keep it all in perspective.  There are many prayers for patience and wisdom floating up to heaven from the Storlie house lately!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nice Little Power Outage

There was a scheduled power outage for two hours this evening and it was nice and peaceful.  Everyone enjoyed some book time on the sunny deck and then we cooked pizzas on the grill for dinner.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Maiden Canoe Voyage - Big Fork River

Sunday was too gorgeous to be watching football so we decided to go canoeing.  We recently bought two canoes from Uncle Kevin and for our maiden voyage we decided to put in at his house and paddle to Grandma Dianna's.  Well, that was a little ambitious for our first trip.  I mapped it afterwards and it was over 10 miles!  It took us about 4 1/2 hours but it was (mostly) a lot of fun.  We saw tons of ducks, a pair of swans, a couple small flocks of geese, an eagle and even a snake swimming among the long river weeds.

I think our next trip will be a little shorter and maybe we'll be daring enough to bring Alarik along too.  He spent the afternoon with the other Storlies while we paddled.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Just Another Day at the Park

The kids had so much fun at the park during the piano painting event that they begged to go back the next day.  Dalton and Austin met us there and the boys had an especially good time leaping off the swings again.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Painting Pianos in the Park

The City copied an idea for placing old pianos in the city park. We added to the fun by having a group of kids come and decorate them.  Bekah, Scott and Alarik had a good time painting and enjoying a few new pieces of playground equipment that we installed just a few weeks ago.
The ladies from the EOW Artist's League supplied us with patterns to use
Alarik LOVED this slide - it was steep and he had slippery pants so he went FAST!
Lots of our little friends came including Dalton, Tovah, the Buckinghams and Mack & Eli
Scott likes to do the old trick of swinging as high he can and then jumping.
And Jesse tended to baby Violet.  He pretended to be feeding her a cookie every time I tried to take a picture.
Time out for dinner.
Alarik mostly played on the playground but he did take time to do a little painting.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School 2014

Bekah and Scott both wanted their own alarm clocks this year - they were up at 6:30 sharp!
Bekah - 4th Grade
Scott - 2nd Grade
Alarik wanted to have his picture taken too!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Not-Too-Much-Labor Day

The weather was SO nice today and we tried not to labor too hard on Labor Day.  We spent a lot of time playing on the recently re-hung swing - found out it is awesome for underdogs, twisty-underdogs, etc. - and I took lots of photos of the kids hoping for some good ones.