Monday, September 29, 2014

More of Scott's World

Can Scott eat a tortilla like a normal person?
But then he spies me putting together some felt button chains for church busy bags and he wants to help.
Look at that focus! If only I could bottle that up and send it to school with him.
He had so much fun that he was inspired to make more of these in bracelet version for himself, Alarik and even Bear.
He was proud to have helped with this project. If only he was that motivated for school work.
Jesse and I had to meet with Ms. Newman last week to come up with a plan for Scott. Now he has a daily schedule taped to his desk each day and he gets smiley or frown-y faces for each time slot depending on whether or not he's getting his work done and how many reminders he needs to stay on task.  He has to bring home any work that doesn't get done during school due to his dilly-dallying. If he gets all his work done and has mostly smiles, he gets to go to football practice with Jesse that night.  We finished out last week pretty well. Each day was a little bit better than the last and he had only a few frowns.  This week started out not so good - only one smile today.  Well, on the bright side there's lots of room to improve this week!

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