Saturday, September 6, 2014

Painting Pianos in the Park

The City copied an idea for placing old pianos in the city park. We added to the fun by having a group of kids come and decorate them.  Bekah, Scott and Alarik had a good time painting and enjoying a few new pieces of playground equipment that we installed just a few weeks ago.
The ladies from the EOW Artist's League supplied us with patterns to use
Alarik LOVED this slide - it was steep and he had slippery pants so he went FAST!
Lots of our little friends came including Dalton, Tovah, the Buckinghams and Mack & Eli
Scott likes to do the old trick of swinging as high he can and then jumping.
And Jesse tended to baby Violet.  He pretended to be feeding her a cookie every time I tried to take a picture.
Time out for dinner.
Alarik mostly played on the playground but he did take time to do a little painting.

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