Thursday, September 18, 2014

This is What I'm Dealing With

I tell Scott to take some laundry off the line and this is what I get:
I tell you what, this, THIS kid is going to be the cause of my first grey hairs.  Unless I already have some that I haven't noticed yet, then he's going to be the cause of their multiplying!  No matter what he is supposed to be doing, he's usually in la-la land, totally doing his own thing.  If he's supposed to be working at his desk at school, he's either lying his head on said desk, or drawing on it!  If he's supposed to be practicing piano at home, you'll probably find him under the piano bench playing some sort of fort game.  If he's supposed to be doing a chore, he probably wandered/sneaked outside.  Sent him to brush his teeth and get ready for bed?  Oh yeah, there he is with his socks on his arms pretending to have broken arms in casts.  Hey, if he keeps this up, maybe...

(just kidding)

Scott is on his own timetable.  He cares not for the timetables of others, nor for their goals and expectations of him.  We struggled with this at the start of last school year and it's plaguing us again.  He just IS NOT motivated by anything our brains can come up with to either threaten or reward him with.  No screen time?  Eh.  Extra screen time? No change.  More chores?  He'll just lollygag and get sidetracked and make them last until bedtime which is another reason for my frustration level to shoot through the roof.  Yelling?  Has no effect on him and causes me guilt.

I know there's worse issues we could be dealing with here and I'm trying to keep it all in perspective.  There are many prayers for patience and wisdom floating up to heaven from the Storlie house lately!

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