Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Funny Boys

These boys of ours keep us laughing.  I do a pretty good job of jotting down all the funny things they say, but lately it's an everyday occurrence and I know I've forgotten several.  But here are some that I DO remember:

I asked Alarik to put his pjs on and he said, "I can't do that. I'm not able enough."

We started saying the "Now I lay me down to sleep..." bedtime prayer with Alarik and at the end we have him add something he's thankful for.  He's had some cute ones like candy, pasta (which he doesn't even really like!) toys, books, etc.  Tonight he says, "fluffy KAYAKS!  And that's all I've got for him."

As I mentioned before, Scott's teacher is giving us daily reports on him and one day last week he had all smiles.  Jesse was giving him a pep talk that night and asked, "See, that wasn't hard now, was it buddy?" to which Scott shot back, "Well, it wasn't easy!"  The next morning when I dropped the kids off at school I told Scott we expected another great day from him and as he closed the car door he said,  "I can't make any promises mom."
Lest it all be frustrating, Scott also said to me the other day, referring to one of the daily devotionals that I've been reading with him and Bekah, "Mom, you know how happiness goes away but joy is forever? Well, is having a best friend like Caden or Dalton happiness or joy?  'Cuz I think THAT'S joy!"  :)
One night at bedtime Scott and I prayed together for a good day at school the next day.  After another day of all smiles, bedtime prayers the next night included a thank you for helping Scott to have a great day.  I watched it all click into place for him as he said, "Hey, maybe our prayer from last night worked!"  Indeed, it did my boy.

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