Saturday, November 29, 2014

Build-A-Bear & Bentleyville Birthday

Bekah wanted to go to Bentleyville again for her birthday this year and bringing Corinne along was a given.  The Duluth mall added a Build-A-Bear Workshop and the Kallinens gave Bekah a gift card so us girls went there first while Dad and the boys headed to the tool store.  Smart Dad - it was Black Friday which we would normally never venture into a store on, and the mall was nuts.  But the girls had a great time picking out a new friend each, plus all the accessories! You can drop a bundle there in a hurry but thankfully they each had their own cash and by the time we got to the checkout I only had to spot them each a couple of bucks.  :)
We grabbed a late lunch at Applebee's before heading down the hill to Bentleyville.
Alarik got really cold and tired by the end and he slept ALL the way home.  Corinne came to spend the night and the next morning we had a birthday brunch with the family.  Bekah had a great birthday!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Scott Is Thankful For

 I am thankful for my family because I love them. I am thankful for my house because it keeps me safe. I am thankful for my toys because they give me something to do. I am thankful for food because it keeps me healthy. I am thankful for school because it helps me get smart. I am thankful for light because it helps me see.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Louisa Library

The kids made a library in Bekah's room and it's been my favorite thing since sliced bread.  They have spent hours playing and READING!!!  Can't beat that!
The name is Louisa Library, after the Pratos late Huskie - because Eleanor was here the day they starting making it.
Scott is bound and determined to win a contest that ends December 1st - and he's got a big lead! When he's not adding to his books-read tally, he's employed as the janitor/book keeper/customer helper - he's a busy guy!
The rules.
Here is the librarian hard at work.
Alarik making his selections
And showing his library card. Alarik was actually banned for a few days from have a few too many of what the librarian called, "library mixups".  Hee, hee, hee.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Snowman Snow

It warmed up this weekend and there was just enough snow to roll up a couple of snowmen.
Doesn't he look good?
And after rolling up a companion, the boys decided it was time to destroy them both via tackling and pummeling them with snowballs.
Of course they had to do a little snowball fighting as well.
And then the destruction REALLY got serious!
Oiy...poor snowman.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hunting and Sleeping

The two big kids each had their annual day to skip school and go hunting with Dad this week.
Scott's turn was first. Here they are in the stand. This is Dad's first-ever selfie!
The cookie Scott got at The Pines where they went for dinner.  What a cookie!  And what a face!
When Dad's at the deer shack, Mom's bed is never lonely!
Thursday night it was Bekah's turn to go.  Dad can't believe how much stuff she packed for ONE NIGHT!
This girl does NOT travel lightly!
Out in the stand - it was windy and cold but they hunted for several hours - no venison to show for it unfortunately.
And here's Mom's bedmate that night.
What a goofball! At least he brought his own pillow to drool on!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Alarik calls a door knob a "door noggin".

We are already listening to Christmas music and whenever Silver Bells comes on, Bekah and Scott sing over the "It's Christmas time in the city" part with, "It's Christmas time in the COUNTRY!"

Alarik loves to wear pajamas and often asks long before bedtime to put on "my comfy, cozy jammies".  He particularly likes a pair with cars and trucks all over them.  One night he wanted them on and I asked him where they were.  He shrugged and showed his palms and said, "They're just layin' awownd upstairs, waiting for me to put them on." 

And here's one from Bekah:

Monday, November 17, 2014

Who Needs Snow?

It's been cold and it's snowed a few times.  You could hardly call it "officially winter", but the kids were so excited for the snow and they were bound and determined to have some winter fun ASAP.  They have already spent hours on our little sledding hill.  They've pretty much swiped all the snow that was on it to the bottom with them, but they don't mind.  Last winter Alarik would go down a few times and then start whining for someone to pull his sled back up the hill for him.  Oh, and carry him up too while they were at it!  Not this year.  He's put on a lot of miles already on that hill.  Maybe he'll slow down when the snow is up to his knees later in the winter.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Big Kid Benefits

Yesterday the kids wanted a movie night.  Since Alarik had watched a show during rest time, I quietly told Bekah and Scott that after baths and showers we would have game night and then it was "bedtime".  They quickly caught on and reveled for the rest of the afternoon and evening in our little secret.  They brought up to Alarik numerous times that we would have game night before bed, adding a "wink, wink" afterwards to me.  Baths were taken, we played a game of Sorry and then I tucked Alarik into bed.  Back downstairs, as Bekah was queuing up the movie, Scott kicked back in the rocking chair and said, "You know what's sad about all this?  You guys probably did this same thing to me when I was Alarik's age."

Friday, November 14, 2014

Dragon 2010 & 2014

Scott wore the same dragon costume for Halloween in 2010 as Alarik wore this year.  I wanted to play the "Is this Scott or Alarik?" game again, but I think it's too easy now that they are older.  Although, Alarik still thinks all of these pictures are of him!