Saturday, November 29, 2014

Build-A-Bear & Bentleyville Birthday

Bekah wanted to go to Bentleyville again for her birthday this year and bringing Corinne along was a given.  The Duluth mall added a Build-A-Bear Workshop and the Kallinens gave Bekah a gift card so us girls went there first while Dad and the boys headed to the tool store.  Smart Dad - it was Black Friday which we would normally never venture into a store on, and the mall was nuts.  But the girls had a great time picking out a new friend each, plus all the accessories! You can drop a bundle there in a hurry but thankfully they each had their own cash and by the time we got to the checkout I only had to spot them each a couple of bucks.  :)
We grabbed a late lunch at Applebee's before heading down the hill to Bentleyville.
Alarik got really cold and tired by the end and he slept ALL the way home.  Corinne came to spend the night and the next morning we had a birthday brunch with the family.  Bekah had a great birthday!

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