Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

The kids got to wear costumes to school for the first time ever for them! They had to dress as a book character. Since Bekah was going as Laura Ingalls Wilder anyway, this was perfect for her.
Scott chose to be Stupendous Man, Calvin's superhero alter-ego from the Calvin & Hobbes comics.
For the Halloween party and trick-or-treating, Scott changed over to a zombie football player and Alarik was a dragon.
Bekah scrounged this perfect old pail from our garden shed to use as her trick-or-treat bucket.
This is the same dragon costume that Scott wore when he was Alarik's age, straight from the daycare dress-up bin!
When we got home and they all dumped out their loot, Scott had the most candy by far.
Alarik put that new toothbrush from trick-or-treating at the dentist to good use right away.

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