Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hunting and Sleeping

The two big kids each had their annual day to skip school and go hunting with Dad this week.
Scott's turn was first. Here they are in the stand. This is Dad's first-ever selfie!
The cookie Scott got at The Pines where they went for dinner.  What a cookie!  And what a face!
When Dad's at the deer shack, Mom's bed is never lonely!
Thursday night it was Bekah's turn to go.  Dad can't believe how much stuff she packed for ONE NIGHT!
This girl does NOT travel lightly!
Out in the stand - it was windy and cold but they hunted for several hours - no venison to show for it unfortunately.
And here's Mom's bedmate that night.
What a goofball! At least he brought his own pillow to drool on!

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