Friday, December 12, 2014


The boys and I spent a lot of time last Saturday cleaning and organizing their bedroom.  About mid-summer I got tired of them procrastinating on picking up their room and I went in one day and boxed up everything on their floor.  It had been in the garage ever since and guess how many times they missed something that was in those boxes.  Not one time.  I hauled them out last weekend and we sorted everything, putting a few things in the garage sale box to make room for new toys at Christmas.

As is always the case, the boys played for hours in their bedroom once it was all neat and tidy and they could find what they wanted to play with (not to mention rediscovering toys that had been packed away).  Several hours later Scott called me.  When I got halfway up the stairs he yelled, "No, wait. Stop. Go back and get your camera because you're going to want to take a picture of this."

"This" was a neatly made bed and a perfect arrangement of all his stuffed animals.

How many stuffed animals?  Twenty-one.  Check out this tough guy face he's putting on as he poses with his 21 lovies.  Bahaha!

If I take a picture of anyone, I also have to take a picture of Alarik.  Contrary to his pose, he has more than two stuffed animals.  :)

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