Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bedtime Petition

Several weeks ago Bekah was angling for a later bedtime so Jesse told her to write down all the reasons why she thought she should be able to stay up later.  This what she came up with:
 Here are 10 reasons why I should stay up until 8:30
1. I would have more time to prepare for tomorrow.
2.I would have more time for homework.
3. I would have more time to calm down so I can sleep well.
4. I would have a little time to spend with just mom, dad, and me.
5. I would have a chance to sit and pet Morgy for a decent time without having to get up and do something.
6. I would have more time to get ready for bed.
7. I am getting older and more mature.
8. I can prepare myself for when I will have to go to bed late and get up early.
9. I would have time to pick up the living room.
10. I could set out my clothes, stretch out before bed and be prepared.

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