Sunday, December 21, 2014

Boys and Girls and Birds and Bees

Bekah's annual checkup earlier this month gave a good opening to start having "the talks" with her.  She had questions and I kept the answers simple and brief but I think it was still a little much for her and over her head at this point.  After a short synopsis of what happens to a woman's body during puberty and why, she asked, "Ok so after you have that period thing, and it's over, then could you have a baby without the guy?  Cuz I don't want a guy, but I might want a baby sometime."  Augh! 

Several days later while decorating the Christmas tree Bekah was trying to get me to commit to passing some Christmas tradition down through all the Storlie generations.  I told her that was up to her since HER kids and grandkids would be the next generations of Storlies.  She said, "No, I'm not having kids, remember? I'll be living in Alaska wild and free with Corinne!"  She plans to move to Alaska where she'll work as a news reporter until she has enough money to take to the Alaskan bush for the rest of her life and live quietly painting Alaskan scenery and hunting and trapping.  I told her some day she might be out checking her trap line and there, lo and behold, would be the most handsome Alaskan bushman she'd ever seen.  She cut me short saying, "Let's stop talking about this. I don't like where this conversation is going."

One of the last days of school before Christmas break started, Scott informed me that he was going to stop dressing so nice for school because THREE girls like him now...whew!  I assume "dressing so nice" meant jeans and t shirts with no holes since that's all he ever wears. 

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