Monday, December 1, 2014

Elves at Work

We got started with everything Christmas a little earlier than usual around here.  It's a good thing too because the lights outside gave us fits.  Jesse and I strung the outside tree a total of three times and there were numerous other teeth-clenching moments with the outside lights besides! But everything is up and working now...for the time being anyway!
Bekah and Scott begged to get the Christmas bins out so we did that over the long Thanksgiving weekend.  I let go of my picture-perfect hopes since I never achieve it anyway and let them put all the decorations up, wherever they wanted.  It looks great and I vow to not touch/move a thing.  Yesterday they also begged to make a batch of Christmas cookies so we did that too.  We didn't have everything we needed for the frosting so we'll have to make that after school today.

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