Monday, December 1, 2014

Just Some Random Stuff

Bekah and Scott still have their alarm clocks and lately they've been setting them for 6am instead of 6:30. They get up and dressed, get themselves breakfast after quietly shutting our bedroom door (they think they are so sneaky and that we don't hear them), then they brush teeth and do what they want for the rest of the morning.  It is SO nice not to be dragging them out of bed and hounding them to get ready all morning.  For many days, they spent this free time in their library, working and/or reading.  The fun of that seems to have faded a bit now thou.  It turns out that Scott got fired from his janitor/book keeper/customer helper position.  He claims all he did was take one extra day off and Bekah fired him.  She's strict.  :)

All of a sudden Alarik doesn't like to be alone in a room.  If I leave while he's eating his breakfast he calls for me to come back and it's hard to convince him to go upstairs alone to get pajamas or pick up his room.  If he goes up on his own to play he is fine, otherwise forget it.

Scott's days at school have been up and down.  He'll do really well for several days in a row, getting all smiles, and then he kind of falls apart.  Mondays are typically tough.  He seems to sense when he can try to use something for an excuse, such as being up late the night before for something, and tries to pull that over on us every now and then.  We and Ms. Newman were hoping that after first quarter we could stop with the smiley/frown face thing but it appears he still needs some prodding.  Other than that same issue, his conferences a couple weeks ago went very well.  He is testing higher than average in both reading and math.  Ms. Newman says he is a very good reader and she'd like to put him in the most advanced reading pod but she can't until his focus and consistency improve.

Bekah's conference was also very good.  She is still reading well above grade level and is doing well in all her other areas.  She needs to work on slowing down and doing her work neatly.

The 6th grade class has hosted a talent show for the past couple of years and this year Bekah decided to compete.  She sang The Moose-Shark song that she learned at camp last summer and has subsequently been stuck in everyone's head ever since!  And guess what?  She won first place!!!  She was SO excited and the prize was a coveted Mrs. Maxa-made handbag with owl-print fabric.  How perfect!

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