Thursday, January 1, 2015

Scott Contemples Life On New Year's Day

While eating leftover dips from the dip cafe, Scott asked me what I thought he was born to do.  Wow, deep question but I guess fitting for the usual mood of New Year's Day.  A conversation about all the different levels he expected to play football at, including professional, ensued.  I pointed out that was somewhat unlikely so he should probably at least consider some other options.  He figured he'd just coach football if all else fails.
A short time later I heard him tell Alarik to get out of my room adding, "I'm trying to mediate!".  He asked me to keep Alarik occupied for him, which I did, but seconds later Scott emerged from the room in a rush toward the bathroom calling out over his shoulder, "It's pretty hard to meditate when you have to PEE!!!"

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