Monday, December 1, 2014

Craft Stick Chrismas Trees

Bekah and Scott came up with these fun Christmas tree ornaments.  Here's what you need:

-three green craft sticks per tree, or plain craft sticks that you've colored or painted green
-trunk shapes cut from brown cardstock
-jeweled stickers - circles and star shapes work great for this craft
-green pipe cleaners
-string for hanging the ornaments.

Start by gluing the three green craft sticks into a triangle shape.  Starting at one corner, wrap the pipe cleaner securely around one stick and then wrap your way down to the bottom of the tree, leaving enough length to securely wrap it at the bottom.  You can twist together more than one pipe cleaner if you want a more solidly filled-in tree.  Glue the brown trunk shape to the bottom of the tree.  Place the jeweled stickers however you would like along the sticks and pipe cleaner(s).  Of course, a star sticker looks great at the top of this little tree!  To finish up, string some cotton or other cording through the top to use as a hanger.

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